Account Auditor Offer

Account Auditor Offer

 Ibrahim Al-Sulaimi Certified Public Accountants and Auditors company announced the availability of a job opportunity for an Accounts Audit Manager. Ibrahim Al-Sulaimi Accounting Services company aims to hire experienced Audit and Accounting Supervisors and Managers with at least 5 years of experience in the field of auditing and accounting within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are looking for professionals familiar with international financial reporting standards, international accounting standards, as well as auditing and accounting standards applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who possess sufficient experience and a network of relationships within the Kingdom, whether in Riyadh, Jeddah, or Dammam, reflecting their previous work experience and achievements.

Job Description for Audit and Accounting Supervisors and Managers:

The role of an Audit and Accounting Manager requires the ability to manage the audit team effectively, along with precision and deep analytical understanding of accounting auditing practices. The Audit and Accounting Manager sets the plans, principles, and foundations that the audit team will adhere to when performing auditing tasks, supervising the execution of auditing and accounting tasks by the team. The audit team directs and executes auditing operations to ensure the application of accounting controls in institutions and companies, ensuring compliance with required standards and the application of laws and regulations in the Kingdom. Additionally, they train and supervise new employees and ensure the efficiency of internal controls in various departments of the organization. Among the other tasks performed by auditors are analyzing audit results and suggesting ways to improve efficiency, coordinating periodic reviews, evaluating internal control systems, and ensuring compliance with legal and social requirements. To perform these tasks successfully, auditors must hold a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance, possess recognized accounting certifications such as CMA or CPA, have previous experience in accounting and auditing, be familiar with accounting laws and regulations, and be proficient in accounting software and data analysis.

Functional Duties of an Audit and Accounting Manager:

Managing the team within Ibrahim Al-Sulaimi Company.

Planning and supervising audit operations and distributing responsibilities among the team.

Reviewing the performance of accounting and audit teams to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Supervising risk assessment and developing strategies to address them.

Monitoring and supervising audit operations timely and providing necessary reports.

Analyzing and presenting audit results with suggestions for enhancing efficiency.

Coordinating and conducting meetings.

Reviewing and evaluating internal control systems and ensuring compliance with policies and procedures.

Identifying errors and preventing their recurrence while ensuring compliance with governmental and social requirements.

Evaluating team and individual performance within the organization and collaborating with external auditors to identify areas of external audit.

Skills Required for an Account Auditor Job:

Ability to assess the reliability of the accounting system and internal control within establishments, as well as the quality of financial reports and statements.

Familiarity with audit and accounting policies and procedures to ensure the accuracy of information in reports.

Proficiency in regular auditing processes and providing recommendations.

Accuracy in dealing with accounting operations.

Ability to develop programs to reduce costs and establish necessary procedures.

Ability to motivate and develop the team.

Requirements for the Position of Accounts Auditor:

Holds a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance.

Holds professional certifications such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), or Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Has previous experience in accounting, auditing, and account auditing.

Familiar with accounting laws, regulations, international accounting standards, and auditing standards.

Familiar with systems in Saudi Arabia and corporate law.

Proficient in accounting software.

Skilled in handling and analyzing databases using mathematical equations.

Detail-oriented, organized, and leadership-oriented, with integrity in dealing with others.

This position requires a set of specifications and standards. Here are some specifications that must be met:

Professional qualification: The auditor must be professionally qualified and registered with the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA), or must be a member of a recognized professional qualification body.

Compliance with accounting standards: Accounting operations and financial reporting must follow the accounting standards adopted in Saudi Arabia, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Saudi Accounting Standards (SOCPA).

Independence: The auditor must be completely independent of the entity whose accounts are being audited and must avoid any conflicts of interest that may affect the objectivity of the audit process.

Transparency and credibility: The audit process must be transparent and reliable, providing sufficient documentation and explanations for any changes or adjustments in financial reports.

Commitment to quality: Auditors must adhere to internationally recognized professional quality standards, such as International Auditing Standards (ISA) and guidelines issued by SOCPA, in addition to other professional quality principles.

Reporting: Auditors must provide reliable and comprehensive reports outlining the results of the audit process and necessary recommendations to improve accounting operations if necessary.

Competence and experience: Auditors must have extensive knowledge of accounting and auditing principles, and must be trained and experienced enough to effectively carry out audit operations.

Inspection and audit: Auditors must conduct necessary inspections of financial records and transactions to verify their accuracy and compliance with financial laws and regulations.

Reporting exceptions: Auditors must report any exceptions or problems encountered during the audit process, and properly document these exceptions in financial reports.

Tax considerations: Auditors must verify the compliance of financial statements for entities with tax requirements in Saudi Arabia, and ensure the proper submission of tax declarations.

Internal auditing: Auditors must collaborate with the internal audit unit of the entity to improve accounting operations and financial submissions.

Compliance with confidentiality standards: Auditors must adhere to strict confidentiality regarding the information obtained during the audit process.

Compliance with deadlines: Auditors must submit required reports and documents within specified deadlines professionally and accurately.

Verification of assets and liabilities: Auditors must verify the accuracy of asset and liability disclosures in financial statements and reconcile them with financial records.

Must have a distinguished track record in Saudi Arabia, reflecting the quality and professionalism of the services provided.

We at Ibrahim Al-Sulaimi Office are always looking to attract talented professionals to join our distinguished team. If you feel that you possess the skills and experience required for the advertised position, we kindly request you to fill out the form at the following link: [Job Application Form](  شركة ابراهيم السلمي (

We appreciate your interest in joining our team, and we look forward to getting to know you and discussing the available job opportunities with us. Thank you for your trust in us.

Best regards

Ibrahim Al-Sulaimi Certified Public Accountants and Auditors

A licensed accounting and auditing office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants License Number: 666

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